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Shree Tripada company offers you solutions that are extremely easy to use and has an excellent user interface to help your business to grow with faster, cost-effective as well as reliable methods.

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Shree Tripada Infomedia is One of The India's Fastest Growing IT Products & Global Communication Services Provider Company For Domestic & International Needs.

Shree Tripada Infomedia is One of The India's Fastest Growing IT Products & Global Communication Services Provider Company For Domestic & International Needs.We Have Completely in-House development, own infrastructure and Direct Connectivity's.We Have Designed And Developed Our Infrastructure To Provide Easy to Use, Secure, Fast And Reliable Services.We Are Team of experienced And Well Versed Personnel.Our Solutions Are Used by India's Leading Industry's Like Education, Agriculture, Automobile & Transport, Hospitality, Pharma, IT, Real-estate, Travel, Retail & FMCG, Import-Export, Stock & Commodity, Telecom, Public Sector, E commerce & Many More.We Also Provide Sms Solutions to SME & Individuals.


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Bulk Sms

We offer Bulk SMS services to the clients. These messages are mostly transitional or promotional, depending on the nature of your business.

The bulk messaging solutions have proven to be extremely beneficial in reaching out to the customers.Also, this promotional technique is very reasonable in price. The bulk messaging service includes sending informational messages, Promotional messages, Marketing messages, Updates, and alerts. These can help you to reach out to the customers.
More Info Visit shreetripadasms.com

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Bulk Email

Just like the Bulk messages, we also offer bulk email services for the growth of your company.These emails are made extremely simple and are directly linked to the customer's needs.

You can easily stay in touch with your clients with the help of these emailsThese emails are meant to be informative and are used to send newsletters, updates, and other promotional information to the targeted customer base.

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Voice Call

We also offer Voice call services for the promotion of your business.The voice calls SMS services are transitional, and you can easily make calls to a million users altogether just with the help of a single click.

These services will enable you to reach all the mobile phone users in India and send your pre-recorded speech or messages directly to them. This service will help you to reach out to all the people who might be potential customers for your company.

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2 Way Messaging

In this kind of services, we offer both the dedicated and shared numbers with the users. These numbers can be either in shortcode or long code.

These services will enable the users to reply and give feedback to the messages that they have been receiving. It will also allow establishing a connection between the customers and your company and will make you able to receive suggestions and reviews from the customers. Also, This service will help you in getting to know about the customers’ opinions by taking votes. The detailed report about this kind of service will be based on your company’s needs and business requirements.

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Miss Call / Toll Free

We also provide different numbers to the customers that are designed particularly to behave as a missed call or toll-free number.

In the case of a missed call, the system is trained to automatically reject the calls as soon as it receives one. It also stores the details of all the calls that the system has rejected. On the other hand, in the case of the toll-free number, you will be charged with the normal call charges as soon as the call is received.

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Virtual Number

The virtual numbers help in enhancing the reputation of your company, and it also creates a positive impression of your brand.

In this case, you will be provided with a single phone number that can be used for almost all the purposes. Whenever you receive a call on the virtual number, the call can either be forwarded to different extensions and people who are authorized to take the call. Also, you can also play the IVR on the calls that are received.

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Cloud Telephony

Our company is known to offer cloud telephony services. We make sure that the services offered come with great infrastructure.

The cloud telephony enables you to use the benefits without installing the hardware of software in your system. You can contact us at any time in order to get customized solutions according to the type and needs of your business.

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OBD / IVR Solutions

The IVR/ OBD solutions promise excellent connectivity to your company.

You need not worry about the setup or the maintenance cost because these solutions are extremely pocket-friendly, and you need not go the extra mile to install or use them. Our company can easily provide you with a choice of products that you can easily choose from.


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We Have unbeatable services & features.

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The team at our company is extremely dedicated and hard-working. They continuously work in order to maintain the quality of the product and deliver the completed project on time.

Robust APIS

In order to enable faster services and connectivity for our customers, we provide you with the codes and APIs that are enormously powerful and can be easily integrated with your system.

User Friendly

We precisely focus on making the applications and solutions user-friendly. This is done so that the customers do not have to waste much time in accessing and using the web panels or applications.

Reliable Servers

We have the top people in the industry working for us. Along with that, we also use the latest technologies and advance servers to make sure that the uptime is 100 percent.

In-house Infrastructure

The complete development task is done in house, and it is made sure to provide amazing connectivity for the smooth working.

Customized Solutions

All you have to do is to share the requirements of your business, and we will design a solution for you that fulfills all your business needs and also fits in the budget.